Blair Publishing started in 1995 with 3 adult magazines and have continued to grow over time.

We stock back issues and current copies from Blair who are now publishing 13 of the best-selling adult magazines in the industry:
Club, Cheri, High Society, Fox, Swank, Gallery, Club International Presents, Club Specials Presents, 40+
50+, Erotic Film Guide Presents, 30+ MILFS, Presents, Nasty Housewives Presents. *Club, Cheri and High Society are published every 4 weeks, while the remaining 10 titles are published bi-monthly (every 8 weeks) on split schedules.

Every new magazine Blair prints includes a coupon code to access free videos of the models inside that specific issue. The customer brings their coupon code to and is able to access the digital magazine and videos of the models, all available to stream and/or download. We have seen this to be a huge upsell to the reader.